Introducing ANNEX

Catastrophe Insurance, Reimagined

We build technology to enable the sale of flood and earthquake insurance. Our modern APIs and UX help agencies, wholesalers, and technology companies grow their businesses while better protecting their customers.


The Annex team has helped the world's largest fintech, tech, and insurance companies grow their businesses.

Annex's founding team has led strategy, business development, and product at companies like Aon, Allstate, and Credit Karma. We bring together deep knowledge of the insurance industry and a track record of building world-class digital experiences for making the sale of complex financial products. At a time of significant change for the insurance industry, the Annex team is bringing a fresh set of eyes to the long running challenge of low adoption of voluntary catastrophe insurance.

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Our set of features

Market Access

Quote a dozen flood and earthquake insurance providers with a single integration

Simple & Fast

<10 pieces of information and 60 seconds to get a bindable flood or earthquake quote


Attach quotes directly in a homeowners insurance checkout with open APIs


Built by Silicon Valley engineers for high availability and simple integrations


Residential flood is dramatically undersold

$10b of residential flood losses in Hurricane Ida were uninsured. 95% of American households are totally unprotected from flood - it’s not covered by their homeowners insurance.


6+ markets

NFIP + Admitted Private + E&S
  • Residential + Commercial
  • 3+ markets in 50 states
  • Max TIV of $5m
  • Coverages like loss of use
  • Resilient sources of product


3+ markets

Admitted + E&S
  • Residential
  • West Coast + New Madrid programs
  • Max TIV of $5m
  • Full replacement + parametric
  • Resilient sources of product

Transform your approach to catastrophe insurance

Annex's partners include forward-thinking insuretechs and established insurance intermediaries who are completely rethinking their approach to catastrophe insurance. They see significant benefit to the Annex approach:

  • Provides superior products and protection
  • Grows premium with a simple digital cross-sell
  • Better retains agents and customers

The paradigm in catastrophe has shifted. Join us to reshape how your team sells flood and earthquake insurance.

Introducing ANNEX

Solving the flood and quake protection gap with world-class technology


What the experts say

Deloitte Center for Financial Services

"That’s not to say that insurers wouldn’t be interested in the possibility of tapping into the $3.3 billion or so in premiums paid each year to the NFIP by policyholders, as this market likely represents the largest potential growth opportunity in the property and casualty market."


“Private residential flood insurance in the US represents one of the best opportunities in decades to expand the reach of the property insurance industry.”

Get to Know us

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Mar 29, 2022

Annex Risk Named to Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards Program

Annex Risk is excited to announce its selection to Guidewire’s Insurtech Vanguards program. APIs are unlocking massive opportunities for brokers and carriers, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Laura Drabik and the Guidewire team as we build the modern infrastructure for flood and earthquake insurance.

Nov 29, 2021

Atmospheric Rivers Likely to Increase Risk of West Coast Flooding

Warming oceans are increasing the intensity and severity of atmospheric rivers. These weather patterns can drop inches of rain in just a few hours, often leaving catastrophic flooding in their wake, and posing a new risk for West Coast homeowners.